Roblox sword reach script pastebin

If you want to get this script, so you are able to find the script by going to the site of Pastebin.

roblox sword reach script pastebin

As we know that the site of pastebin is a good site in providing the scripts. Then, you can login or sign up. However, you can still get the scripts without you login. When you are in the homepage of Pastebin site, you are able to move your cursor to the page named the Search bar. After that, on the Search bar, you can type any Roblox scripts you want. The scripts was updated on Dec 26th, by a guest. In the text below, you are able to see some parts of the scripts.

Based on the research, there are many Roblox players who have already copied this scripts. So, if you like playing the game of Sword Fighting Tournament and you want to use the scripts on the game, you do not worry to use the script above. Sample rating item. Roblox Import Fbx Animation. Roblox Blender Plugin. Roblox Breaking Point Commands. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please rate this Sample rating item. Share this: Facebook Tweet WhatsApp. Related posts: Roblox Import Fbx Animation. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Public Pastes. Sword Fighting Reach. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features!

roblox sword reach script pastebin

These pages will give some information about certain functions of the gui. When activated, your sword volume will go over 40, and you'll be frozen in place on the server. However on the client, you can move around freely, and kill people. They will be killed in real-time, unlike a lag switch, and you'll also be able to see them moving unlike a lag switch. You can deactivate it if they get too close. When deactivated, your character on the server is teleported to your position on the client.

StarterGui Titlebar.

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SciFi Title. SourceSans Minmise. SourceSans Close. Bodoni Length. Bodoni Width. Bodoni Confirm. SourceSans Lengthadd. SourceSans Widthadd. SourceSans Widthminus. SourceSans Lengthminus. SourceSans Mainbutton. SourceSans Settingsbutton. SourceSans Infobutton. SourceSans Annoy. SourceSans Annoystatus. SourceSans Annoyvalue.

SourceSans Autovalue. SourceSans Blueboxvalue. SourceSans Doubleclickvalue. SourceSans Auto. SourceSans Bluebox. SourceSans Doubleclick. SourceSans Destroytool. SourceSans Blink. SourceSans Blinkvalue. SourceSansBold Informationauto. SourceSansBold Informationbluebox. SourceSansBold Informationannoy.Public Pastes.

JohnDoek Apr 7th, Never. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! MouseButton1Down : connect function. FeKill : Destroy. Character : FindFirstChild "Humanoid". R15 then. Character : FindFirstChild torsoname. MouseButton1Click : connect function. Will kill the player, use rkill to kill you and player'.

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Will bring player to you'. Makes you and the player spin crazy'. Attaches you to player'. Teleports you and the player up into the air'. Swaps players position with yours and your position with players'.

roblox sword reach script pastebin

Say exactly ";resetprefix" to do this command, no matter what your prefix is set to. CharacterAdded : Connect function character. Name then. Chatted : connect function chat. PlayerAdded : connect function plr. Stepped : connect function. Name ]. Positiongame : GetService "Players" [ stareplr. R6 then.

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Character [ "Left Leg" ]. Character [ "Right Leg" ]. Humanoid : ChangeState Humanoid : ChangeState statechosen. Character : GetChildren do. Mesh : Destroy. KeyDown : connect function key. Target then. Target : Destroy. ChildAdded : connect function part. Chatted : Connect function msg.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here.

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I'm currently trying to make a new admin command script; all I have so far is the kill command I don't quite understand why this doesn't work. I've tried a few crazy things to try to make this work, so the code may be butchered from what I had it as originally Here you add the player's name in the list "people"where you in the other places adds the player object. Learn more. Asked 6 years, 8 months ago. Active 1 year, 3 months ago. Viewed 76k times. Cruz Jean Cruz Jean 31 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges.

Active Oldest Votes. Character:BreakJoints Which is completely incorrect. Character then Player. ZombieSpy ZombieSpy 1, 10 10 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. This is a truly horrible way to do administration. It would be better to create a simple Gui with buttons that send events. Also, you should break the joints of anyone sending a command who is not the admin and log them for the attempt, or add them to a ban list.

Also, you should not do this based on the name of the player, but UserId. You should password protect actions as well.

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roblox sword script

Branch: master. Find file Copy path. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Raw Blame History. Position NoOutline fp fp. PlayerGui fengui. Color, UDim2. Color, "Rainbow1", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2. Color, "Rainbow1a", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2. Color, "Rainbow2", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2.

roblox sword reach script pastebin

Color, "Rainbow2a", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2. Color, "Rainbow3", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2. Color, "Rainbow3a", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2. Color, "Rainbow4", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2.

Color, "Rainbow4a", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2. Color, "Rainbow5", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2. Color, "Rainbow5a", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2. Color, "Rainbow6", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2. Color, "Rainbow6a", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2.

Color, "Rainbow7", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2. Color, "Rainbow7a", "Neon", "BlockMesh", "nil", "nil", 2.Are you looking for the Blood and Iron Roblox script on this page? If so, you do not worry because we are going to show you what you need in this article. So, keep staying on!

In the game of Roblox, there are tons of games that show about war both of historical or common. Then, you will be directed into the game, then, you can play the game immediately. Do you already know how to play this game? For you who are a newcomer of Roblox, you probably do not understand about the game of Blood and Iron and how to play it even the script. So, this is a chance for you to master the game clues before you get starting to play it.

Blood and Iron game imagine the situation around the legendary Napoleonic Wars in which the Old Guard and 95th Rifles from both France and Britain battles in each other. The battle took place in historical locations by using the indigenous and authentic weapons to attack the enemies. So, we bravely mention that this game is amazing and gorgeous to play. Then, if you need some script, you can copy and paste it that we provide in the text below!

Enabled do wait 0. Position, game. LocalPlayer:GetMouse ms. BulletFire end ———- The script still continues.

InputBegan:connect function o, ev if not ev then if o. TeamColor then game. RequestDamage:FireServer v. Head, client.Well, this is my first instructable, so don't be hatin'. Just go to Roblox. I might make Building guides later. So, If you think you're ready, then it's time to start your journey down the long path of a sword-fighter. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

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Possibly the most important aspect of Sword-Fighting: the sword. This instructable only shows the most commonly found ones. Self-Reliance at it's best. The original sword, no extra power, set at medium reach, with absolutely NO tweaks. Need I say more? It's a mean, lean, one-hit kill machine, which is why newer players turn to it so much.

This sword, overall, is very nice. I'll just put the pros in list form. Yay, the Firebrand! This is probably my most favorite sword, but the Darkheart is pretty good too. Anyways, I'm going to list the pros, again. Ah, the Ghostwalker. This sword is pretty powerful, but it has it's ups and downs. Pros: 1: You can jump pretty high with it. Con: 1: When you lunge with it, it causes you to jump, which is NOT good. First off- This sword rocks.

Roblox Sword Reach Script

And, lastly, for every health-point you take away, you gain a health point with this sword. This is basically a beefed up Ice Dagger, AND it's probably the most common sword amongst regular players. Basically, it does about double damage and sends your opponent flying. It's disliked by pros for the same reason the Ice Dagger is disliked: Whoever uses it barely has to do any work.

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